''Kalinda French Bulldogs''

Registered with 'Master Dog's Associationof Australia

Available pups -Facebook versus this website!

Sage:-  Merle male french bulldog still available. Please make enquiries  < He is available on mains registration to a small breeder.

We are on facebook - but it is getting so hard to sell puppies or any animals on facebook now. Facebook has strict guidelines with selling live animals so we try to keep anything relevant to selling through text/call/email so as not to put our page and everyone on it, at risk of being shut down, hence Im relying on this website....    Every day we are receiving messages from possible buyers on facebook and through my gmail addresss [email protected] and on my phone 0411049510  so keep these coming! 

We have updated this website regularly with all the pups available at this moment   and will have any available pups advertised with prices on here!

Why Registered Breeder are dearer than Backyard bred breeders (BYB's)

Hi all 👋🏼

Just a few things we wanted to address -

If you have a budget of $2,000-$3,000 then unfortunately we are not the breeders for you. 

Crossbreds are selling for more than this and the backyard breeders who are breeding them do not pay for artificial inseminations, progesterone testing, Caesarean sections, DNA testing, importation of dogs and frozen semen to better their programs and the list goes on. We certainly have not cut any corners with our breeding program and we absolutely did not get to where we are today by purchasing ‘cheap’ dogs. We pride ourselves on producing coloured pups that are healthy and structurally sound.

I’m happy to answer all enquiries, but please tell me from the beginning whether you’re after a pet only or breeding, and whether or not you’re already a registered breeder. I’m happy to work with prospective buyers, but please don’t ask for a price on ‘both pet and breeding’. I’m sure you already know what you intend on doing with said pup before enquiring with us.

With that said, just because you have enquired about a pup doesn’t necessarily mean you instantly get the pup should you decide you want it. A little information on yourself wouldn’t go astray. These babies are our pride and joy, we put a LOT of work into raising them and we want them to go to only the best of homes.

Do your research! There might be a lot of pups currently on offer, but quality is still a rare find!

Lastly, thank you to those who support us and those who have purchased a puppy (or two... or three 😋) from us. You allow us to continue doing what we love and that means more than you know ♥️


Pups Available today!    21/8/19

Blue Boy still 

Available! Younger Litter $4500

Watch the video:-




Brindle Boy. 

Still Available!

Watch the video:-



Brodie:- This gorgeous Black Tiger Brindle male pup is also available $2800- comes with registered papers, puppy pack, health guarantee and up to date with vaccinations and worming...  $2700  Date of Birth- 20/5/19.  2 needles done & 2 leptrospirosis injections and corona injections completed!!

Merle Boy   Still Available!

Watch the video:-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IUNJO2Hwcg 

Date of Birth- 20/5/19.  2 needles done & 2 leptrospirosis injections and corona injections completed!!

:_ 14 week old pup - , a merle male $4500 brother to Tiger brindle above!

Younger litter now available -blue male $4500  and brndle male - 11 weeks old!!


Older male puppy available-reduced!!!! 

I have this older pup-Black Male Gizmo still available (10/7/19), This guy is 6 months old  and needs to find their new homes asap! $1890

Could you be the new parents of 'Gizmo' (Brindle male-above)  born to the lovely Skye and Tommy. Reduced and he has had all 3 puppy needles and is fully vaccinated till April 2020. Please ring me or sms me 0411049510. 

Can freight any pup anywhere in Australia as get discount flights with Jetpets.  Ring for more details. 


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